Introducing the next big project I'm working on: Desiderium!

This is a project I've been working on for a little under a year. I was inspired to make this game after playing tri-Crescendo's Fragile Dreams. Fragile Dreams tackles themes of loneliness in ways I haven't seen done in other games. I haven't played another game quite like it, so I was inspired to tackle these themes in my own way.

In Desiderium you'll play as someone who's all alone in a world that most humans have mysteriously disappeared from. So naturally you'll be tasked with finding other humans if they're still out there.

This game is going to be a platformer with adventure game elements. The player will be required to jump on some platforms, climb some ladders, and solve some environmental puzzles by using items they can pick up and put in their inventory. Also throughout the game the player will come across items they can inspect which will give them some clues about what happened before most humans on Earth disappeared.

The game will take you through a variety of abandoned locations such as schools, grocery stores, residential houses, and parks. (The levels that will make it into the final version have not been finalized yet.)

I want the platforming mechanics to feel fun and intuitive so that the act of exploring the world is fun on its own. But I'm also trying to create an atmospheric experience that has an air of mystery and conveys a sense of isolation that's not just ominous, but also peaceful in a way. I want the player to feel compelled to explore not just because the act of jumping and climbing around is fun, but also because they want to unravel the mystery.

Below are some screenshots of some W.I.P. abandoned locations you'll be able to explore in Desiderium.


Playground behind the school:

School gym:

School hallway:

I'll update this devlog at least every other week. Next time I'll provide more details on technical accomplishments. (Level designs, art assets, etc.) In this first devlog I wanted to provide an explanation of the game's concept.

One last note: This isn't a one-man project. I'm working with two friends on this game who are both doing 3D modeling. My primary roles on this project are that of programmer and level designer. But I'm teaching myself 3D modeling so I can contribute some art assets as well.

One of my teammates also has an Itch account which you can find here:

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