6/2/2018 Dark forest and train scenes

Since my last devlog, it's been difficult to know when I've made enough progress to justify a new one. Since my last update in March, I've been working a lot on my side project, Radical Adventure, and a lot of the work done on Desiderium involved bug fixing, world building, and 3D modeling. For example I've fixed a bug that made it so the footstep sound effect would play constantly if the player was standing on an incline, whether they were moving or not. Another bug I fixed involved the moonlight not coming through the windows in the school scene.

One of the larger changes I made that'll be more visible to the player is the way notes are displayed. Before, when reading a note found on the ground, the text would be displayed in the same way vocal dialog was displayed. To make it clear to the player they're reading a note I now display all the text on the note in the middle of the screen with a faded image behind it. (The image I have for the note in game right now is only a placeholder.)

I've also been working on the layout of the next two scenes.

The first is an unnaturally dark forest that the player has to navigate through using the moonlight that's filtering in through the trees in certain segments.

I do want to mention though that I am considering cutting this scene out entirely.  I'm worried it'll be too frustrating to navigate. That's something I'll find out with further playtesting. I do give the player the option to go back to the school to find a light source, but with that light source the scene becomes much too easy to navigate.

After the player gets through the forest, they'll come to some train tracks and find a stopped train that had some of its cars get derailed.

They'll come to the locomotive at the front to find it's still somehow in working order and be able to ride to the next scene which will be a train station in a town center.

Scenes that we plan to add, some of which are still in consideration to be cut, include:

  • Train station / town center
  • Hospital
  • Town hall
  • Camp grounds
  • Power plant (Will include platforming puzzles that involve moving platforms and levers)
  • Chamble Corporation's laboratories

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