A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

One day most of the world's population mysteriously disappeared. What few humans are left form small close-knit groups and create settlements that they surround with barricades to close themselves off from the rest of the world. People have become distrustful of others and don't dare to journey outside their own settlements. They say people who do go mad and no one is sure why.

You play as someone who has been exiled from their settlement. Worried the isolation might make them go insane as the rumors suggest, they journey out to find other humans before it's too late.


  • Amy Singer - Gameplay Programmer
  • Ron Burgess - 3D Modeler
  • Rahee Mehra - 3D Modeler
  • Cooper Smithers - Script Writer
  • The character controller is by Grant Marrs via the Unity Asset Store.
  • Special thanks to all of our friends for playtesting!
    • Aidan Bauer
    • Sam Brown
    • Christina Cuevas
    • Valeria Figueroa
    • Andrew Fitzpatrick
    • Marcin Mazurek
    • Mark Radocy
    • Alexandra Rowland
    • Audrey Smithers
    • Gillian Szwec
    • Mattias Thomas
    • Brian Young


Desiderium_Linux.zip 176 MB
Desiderium_Mac.zip 173 MB
Desiderium_Win.zip 169 MB

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