A short demo for a side project I started working on a while ago. Development may or may not be picked up again in the future.

A simple platformer in which you can shift back and forth between two perspectives. A 2D, isometric perspective, and a 3D, behind the back perspective. Change the perspective to find solutions you might miss. This game supports keyboard and gamepad.


  • WASD / Left stick: Move
  • Spacebar / Bottom face button: Jump & double jump
  • Q / Left shoulder button: Change perspective



FreshPerspective_Linux.zip 22 MB
FreshPerspective_Mac.zip 23 MB
FreshPerspective_Win.zip 22 MB


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Wow, this is looking really good so far. The only complaint that I have about it is the music, as its a but jarring to listen to. I would suggest to either adjust the sound in a DAW, like Reaper, or adding a setting to the game that allows players to adjust the volume from a pause menu.


i love the game, i think it will be more fun/confusing from first person


Thanks! Yeah adding more perspectives meant to be from newer eras, like a modern first person game, might be an interesting idea to explore :)